Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obey Your Master: A Tribute to Metallica at Exhibit A Gallery (Los Angeles, USA)

Interesting and well deserved exhibition is planned from Jan 23rd to March 23rd. Art pieces by Shepard Fairey, Nicola Verlato (oil on canvas), Brian M. Viveros (oil/mixed media on maple board), Gail Potocki (oil on linen), Patrick Fogarty (sculpture), will show the personal and unique feeling and inspiration Metallica has ment to them along all this years. The artists themselves will show the explanation of these influences and memories next to their artworks or simply explain what Metallica's music means for them.

The opening will be invite only but the show will be open the rest of its existence. 

 " Limited edition Shepard Fairey prints of his piece will be available, as well as a limited number of "Obey Your Master" Alva Exhibit A Gallery skateboard decks, with the proceeds going to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  

For more information, visit "


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 techno set

Well, maybe it's been too short since I recorded my last set. I think it was less than a couple of weeks ago but there's a good explanation for this: I finally bought Traktor Scratch from Native Instruments. I'm not thinking in playing techno with Traktor, I bought it mainly for those moments when I want to play some other styles while keeping (more or less) the same feeling and technique as playing vinyl records.

So, in order to check how this toy works, having a good reference to compare with, I decided to download some techno tracks that I enjoyed lately and put them together with some other stuff I already have and this is the result. Most of the tracks are from Cicuta Netlabel. Much respect for them, I like their way of thinking and I love the fact they share their quality stuff for free! Might this set be some kind of tribute for them... I advise you keep an eye on them during this year. Next week they're releasing their 5th reference and it's been made by Voidloss, huge EP! I've put a track from that release on my set, although I think I didn't squeeze all the juice it deserves...

I'm pretty happy with the global result. You'll find information about all the producers on soundcloud and you can download all the Cicuta releases from their website. Again: respect to all that people who, for any reason, can't release their great stuff on vinyl and decide to make their creations available for anybody who can appreciate them:

01.- David_Meiser - Assault Forces [promo]
02.- Kike Pravda - Quantum [cicuta]
03.- Reeko - Never again [md]
04.- Vegim - Librium [cicuta]
05.- Drugstore - Udayan [cicuta]
06.- Drugstore - Shadai (David Reina dark mix ) [cicuta]
07.- Orphx - Critical mass [circuitbreaking]
08.- Hyo - Skyquake (Drugstore remix) [cicuta]
09.- Radial - A Coke and a Smile [PRRUK]
10.- Orphx-Simulacrum [circuitbreaking]
11.- Zair - Overfeeding [cicuta]
12.- Radial - Allright Allright [PRRUK]
13.- Hiroaki Iizuka - Glow (Grovskopa Remix) [soleil]
14.- Voidloss - Rtual at château des amerois (forthcoming)[cicuta]
15.- The Black Dog - Future Delay Thinking (Live) [promo]

   humo - free is good too - january 2012 set by humo

Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 2011 techno set.

I think posting a new set it's a good way to start this new year. A couple of days ago, I recorded a 60' long set that intended to be my short tribute to all those producers and record labels that had the opportunity to release some vinyls during 2011. In my honest opinion, this has been a good year for techno music. Lot's of good stuff and new names for me. New styles have gained attention and some all-time big names have adapted their style to the present, I think that's important too.

In my set, there are some Delsin/Ann Aimee tracks and some Stroboscopic Artefacts releases. I think these two labels have been my favourites this year. I have also enjoyed a lot some CLRs. I think they represent a lot the kind of sounds I'm loving lately. 

Special mention for Emika too. I really feel her music and everybody who listens to her after my recommendation inmediately falls in love... A good target for 2012 could be see her on a live show... that would be great.

I've also discovered a new label that I hope can release more records during. I'm talking about Earth to Ground records, they have serious stuff!

I'd also like to thank all the people that have read my blog. We're not talking about  thousands of people but I must say I had much more visitors than what I expected. Please, take this set as way of saying thanks too:

01.- Brendon Moeller - Mobility
02.- Tommy Four Seven - CH4 (Speedy J Remix)
03.- Nihad Tule & Bauri - Nudge
04.- Marcelus - 24/7
05.- Dax J & Chris Stanford - Programm (Truss Remix)
06.- Sigha - Finding Myself
07.- Xhin - Incidental (Audio Injection & Drumcell Remix In Trackmode)
08.- Emika - Pretend (Brandt Brauer Frick Rework)
09.- Peter Van Hoesen - Last One At 1080
10.- Jeroen Search & Markus Suckut - Jsms 2.0
11.- Lucy & Ercolino - Gmork
12.- Lucy - Tof (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
13.- Kyle Geiger - Ode To The Elders (Perc Remix)
14.- Butane - World Peace

   humo - 11 summary on 12's - december 2011 set by humo