Saturday, May 11, 2013


George Issakidis' new album will see the light next Monday (May 13th).

I ignore the reasons why but I feel like he's one of those artists that didn't get all the attention his music could deserve. He's got not many releases out there but all of them are quality. I still use to fill those special moments on my sets with both of the collabs he made with Speedy J on Novamute. There's also a special track (vinyl exclusive) featuring Speedy J in this album.

Perc and Mickey Moonlight have also collaborated in this release. I've got to say Perc's track is one of the best pieces I've recently discovered.

For those who don't know Issakidis' music, I'd recommend not to expect anything. No styles, no moods... just music, so just listen to it and understand that we're not talking about an average artist but about an artist with a special musical approach.

Press release:
" George Issakidis, true hero of the first „pre-daft punk“ french touch wave with the project THE MICRONAUTS and their hit „the jag“, finally returns after years of semi-silence. His first solo album KAREZZA is highly awaited amongst the early listeners of electro and is to be released in May 2013.Between psychedelia and highly subversive electronic experiments, George Issakidis offers an ambitious LP with great featurings such as Mickey Moonlight (Ed Banger rcds) Perc and a veteran from the techno scene : Speedy J.The album‘s artwork is by the famous Parisian duo M/M, who were recently awarded by a Grammy for their collaboration on the cover of Bjork‘s latest release.CHERRY RED is the first single from the album released digitally on the 4th of March.It‘s the most clubby and discoïd track taken from the LP, and has been remixed by IT‘S A FINE LINE (Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris). "
More info:

Format. CD – Digital – Vinyl double pack deluxe edition [ cat n°KTDJ027]
Cat.Number. KTDJCD011
Release Date. May 13th, 2013
Distribution. Physical : KOMPAKT worldwide / DIFFER-ANT for France
Digital : Believe []