Friday, June 22, 2012

Cicuta & Heaven to Hell: 10/10 x 10

 Two of the labels I've been following really close since I started to use digital sources to prepare my sets have just released their 10th reference. I'm talking about Cicuta Netlabel and Heaven to Hell Records.

I could be posting separate entries for each label, of course both deserve it. But the fact is although there are important diferences between these two labels, for me both have the same value and I have a special love for them. I like how the creators of Cicuta (Drugstore) and Heaven to Hell (Peter DL-E) managed to quickly put the name of their labels in all our minds with quality music.

How could someone proof that the only way of showing quality is releasing quality? I think this question is the answer itself and Cicuta and HTH are clear examples. And if you check their releases you'll see it. People like Voidloss, Bran Lanen, José Pouj, Quantic Spectroscopy have released with Cicuta so far (and totally free, thumbs up for Cicuta!). The tenth Cicuta is pure quality music, I love their criteria to select the tracks on every release they do and I think this time they've even gone a level higher. And names like Glenn Wilson, Gonzalo MD and Unam Zeniteb among others just confirm that HTH is not playing child games... Check the recently published double release, it's a huge one.

So nothing else to add, two labels to keep an eye on. Two labels to congratulate and that I thought I should mention together.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beton Radio Show #147

 I almost forgot to post my last set for Beton Radio Show. It's been the second time I have the opportunity to be a part of that Podcast and for me that's an honour. Mita from Concrete Djz has been a techno hard worker since the late 90's and a proof of it is his weekly podcast on among other things.

This time it's a double pleasure for me because I shared the show with Peter (DL-E), the man behind one of the most workative, professional and quickly and strongly grown recent digital labels: Heaven to Hell Records. We shared a lot of moments and some shows in the past when we were a part of That's why I feel kinda proud of seeing the result of his project. I'm sure you already know HTH but if you don't, you should go straight to the web and check all the good stuff it's being released by this label.

Regarding my set, I feel quite good with the result. I don't use to like to listen to my own creations but when I reviewed it, I think this time at least I can say that the tracklist is very representative of my work on the decks. My most recent and my essential taste during all these years. I always kept in mind that this set was an introduction to Peter's set while recording it and i think it does the job.

I also must to say that everytime I have to record a set of one hour, I feel that it's hard to me to properly tell a story in sixty minutes... But it's okay this time because as I said, it's part and the introduction for Beton nr. 147:

D. Humo - BETON RADIO SHOW #147 - 10.05.2012 by D. Humo