Saturday, July 23, 2011

what and why?

I've decided to start a new blog. This is the first time I feel the need to do it, and I don't know if this will last enough to be considered by other dark and inspiring electronic music lovers like me or not. The fact is I've been watching lots of blogs and I like some of them but most become repetitive and too subjective (maybe partisan?) in my opinion. With this words, I'm not saying I'll create the most original and objective blog ever, of course I'm not. But, at least, if has to be a repetitive and subjective blog, I want it to repeat and reflect my thoughts. I don't have many friends doing electronics, running a label or a club so I think I can be more objective. I mean, I will use it to reflect just my feelings regarding what musicians and artists are creating these days, trying to look deeper and to select those sounds that, in my honest opinion, most of the people should listen to (if not as much as I will) at least once on their lifes.

I will focus on music and specially into electronics, as I've been deejaying techno for some years but I will show some other artwork too. My main focus will be to underline the sounds I find on the net, the records I buy or get or any recommendation I could have, and that I think I should share or show here in order to me to be able to make a follow up of everything in the future. That's another of the main reasons that made me create this blog: I want to have all the relevant things in one place to me to be able to come back to it in an easy and useful way. I will try to show anything sounding / looking / feeling like an inspiration for me or whoever.

I don't see necessary to show my influencies at this point. I could be writing about it for days and days... I think the entries of this blog will show what is passing through my ears, in front of my eyes or touching my soul on that moment and that's also a great definition of an influence in my opinion.

And, what did  inspire me for such a long name? Light is nothing but the shade of darkness... well, I must admit I saw this sentence a lot of years ago, when I was a teen, on an abstract hip hop tape and I'm sorry but I really can't remember which one at this moment. The music on it wasn't the best in my opinion. But that phrase has been on my mind since then. Some of my friends have listened to it and had to read it a lot of times because I really appreciate the power on it... I think it explains all by itself, so I won't continue talking about it for the moment... The blog will do it for me.

Some days ago, I found another phrase that explains very well my way of thinking. When I saw it, I thought: "Damn, those are the words I was looking for. That's one of the reasons why I play music." I saw it on Mr. Boex' (Dynamic Reflection) twitter and it was something like: "where words fail, music speaks..."

I think no more words are needed at this point, so I'll let the music speak...

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