Saturday, March 17, 2012

Djorvin Clain: Pattern Of Thought

This time I'm bringing here another kind of sounds. Another kind because the processes used to create this album have been really different from what we're used to and we can easily feel this difference while listening to the result. Musical landscapes taking the listener to somekind of round travel from the purest forests to the center of the universe. The album includes some ambient pieces combined with some more dub almost techno tracks. All together form a  perfectly written (on sounds) story that no audiophile should miss.

I'm talking about last Silent Season album release, by Djorvin Clain:

Pattern Of Thought speaks a believers language. It was created and processed with care. We experience time and our conscious emotions in a most individual space of mind. Our thoughts are formed by what we feel. Our own personal diary, the mind and heart guides us through.

All tracks and sounds where recorded in Belgium with the use of hardware instruments and several recording techniques, from field recordings to reel to reel tape. The sounds of the album are kept authentically as possible, away from what was happening in the music world around me, it is a deepest personal reflection.

Pattern Of Thought is best listened without headphones, on a comfortable level in the right environment for sound. Written & produced by Djorvin Clain.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photography: 1960’s New York Skateboarders by Bill Eppridge

Skateboarding has always been an important part of my life. Although I don't practice that much lately (my body doesn't allow me to do it), I have some friends that still kick it hard, as Eduardo Ortiz "Vision" or Daniel Yabar. I'd like this post to be some kind of tribute for them and all those not so young skateboarders that still feel the need to ride almost everyday.

I've found some pictures from the 60's related to skateboarding. I think we all think in the typical Californian ambience when talking about early skateboarding, so watching all these pics made in NYC on the 60's has been really interesting for me:
From the lens of Photographer Bill Eppridge and brought to our attention by Retronaut, 1960s NYC goes skating. You get the feeling that someone just pulled up with a truck full of boards, handed them out and looked on as everyone went a little nuts. We can’t pretend we weren’t pulled in by the amazing garms some of these guys are sporting but these images are just about big fun. Respect to all the perfectly turned out ladies who don’t even bat an eyelid as out of control kids hurtle towards their ankles. Images via Life.