Saturday, October 20, 2012

ADAM X: Navigational Shortcut

One of my favourite labels has released this month a two tracker EP produced by its owner, Adam X. Two weeks ago, the digital version saw hte light while the 12" is coming out next week. I think this is the label's fifth release this year.

A year where classic sounds are becoming futuristic and this is a good proof of it. Both, Sonic Groove and Adam X are an important part of techno history from the very early 90's until today, that's a matter of fact.

This two tracks are a very good representation of Sonic Groove's main style during the last years. Both are pure techno stuff, where the beats and rythmic elements are enough to put an enormous amount of pressure that could blow anyone's mind out in the dancefloor.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stroboscopic Artefacts: Bundle SA001 to SA015

Almost two months with no entry... this is too much. But I'd need 30 hrs a day to keep posting weekly (as I would like to do) about dark artistic expressions...

Anyway, I think this is a good reason to stop by and leave leave a little message in my personal "time capsule". I think StroboscopicArtefacts deserves this and much more, so let me show my love to this great label.

Mr. Mortellaro is making it again: you can now buy the whole 15 references SA catalogue a very reasonable price. In my case, I already have all of them except the last one but, hey! if you still didn't let the most hard working techno bee sting you, go and do it... well, if you didn't let it happen yey, maybe you won't understand what I want to mean with that phrase...

Artists like XhinJonas KoppPercDadubTommy Four SevenJames Ruskin, (shall I continue???) are already part of this particular swarm... pure class darkness with an always well dosed dub flavour. A cult label in my honest opinion with several projects going on (SA, Monad, Stellate,, etc)... 

It's nice to see people focused on a project, believe in it, do their thing professionally without making too much noise... Full respect and Strobolove!!!