Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tripeo: Ugani / Opuvar

It may happen that if we mention the name of Tripeo most of us would not connect the name with the techno scene. But I'm sure that if we say the person behind this moniker is Darko Esser then, the situation would be different.

If you have read some of my previous blog entries I'm sure you have already noticed that I tend to post information about art forms that (for whatever the reason is) don't seem to get the attention of the public but that I think they should do. I mean, I could be posting about lots of releases that will see the dark in the next few days, I also love and play most of them, but all the blogs an webs are already talking about those releases.

That's why I dedicate this blog entry to Tripeo/Darko's last release on Deep Sound Channel, a label that already caught my attention with their first release by ARC# and that I believe as some great things coming over.

I've specially liked Opuvar's construction. Very well worked beats, filtered atmosphere and dense synths.

Press release:

" Following up ARC#'s excellent album is a new series of 12"s from Deep Sound Channel. DSC proudly introduces the pioneering Darko Esser, under his Tripeo moniker to set these series in motion.

Tripeo gouges out chasms of bass for "Ugani". Industrial murmurs are supplanted by earthy rhythm patterns. The ever pervasive clank of the machine is never far away, coils and circuitboards creeping over organic growth to choke and overcome. Insular dub spirals into "Opuvar". Oscillators bend and bulge, waiting for Tripeo to inject ever more voltage. But the temperature is tapered, hi-hats bolstering intensity for a work of cerebral and contained Techno.
Fit for the armchair and subterranean dancefloor, dark and deep from the hands of Tripeo. Comes in special designed artwork, vinyl only. "


 RELEASE DATE: 2013-11-12 

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