Sunday, April 1, 2012

Senoid Recordings

Everybody knows Kike Pravda but maybe only some of their followers can feel what I feel when talking about him and his work during all these years. When I say "some" I don't pretend to refer to a little quantity of fans (although it is, compared to the total number of followers he's got), neither to mean I'm one of the chosen few (although I was lucky enough to spend some of my late teen years dancing to his early sets on the club that gave him his "surname").

I can't deny it's a fact that my techno evolution has been always guided by some special artists and he's been one of them. Everyone infected by the techno virus during the mid-late 90's in the North of Spain knows what I'm talking about. Sunday mornings were great during some years and we took the chance to learn about those deep, dark and even acid atmospheres that gave sense to the struggle through the week. Yes, I feel proud of see that he keeps fighting as a veteran but still strong techno soldier. I love to see both Psychoskunk Recordings heads keep working and giving amazing results (don't forget Víctor Martínez and his recent album... a masterpiece). And now, Kike has announced he's about to release a new imprint, Senoid Recordings. Was that release on M_REC digital some kind of warning? Lots of questions come to my mind but what I'm sure is this is going to be about quality serious music, real techno!

Good luck and congratulations for this one, Kike.

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