Friday, October 14, 2011

September chart

It's been a while since my last post in here... I've been offline the last three weeks but I won' regret: I've been out for vacation!
Just before leaving, I prepared my September's must have list, although I must admit I didn't find the time (translate it to "the money") to make an order. Soon or later I'll put my hands on all these beauties so I think it's still fair to publish it.

Some of those releases were published during the summer but, as I said before, this summer has been really prolific and well, unfortunatelly I'm not rich of time (translate it to "of money" again...). Even one of them, was out on March: Dimi Angeli's and Jeroen Search's EP on the first Balans reference. We all know the deal with this duo, pure class techno served on every track and this release doesn't disappoint.

Also from Mr. Search but next to Markus Suckut this time, comes this Figure Special 6th release. All the three tracks are pretty deep and minimalistic. 4.3 is a great track in my opinion, it might sound really close to Sandwell District stuff but I see a better construction of the track itself. 2.0 is the track I'd choose from this EP and the one that made me decide to buy this release. I love the dub in it...

I've also selected the new Perc Traxx as I'm really feeling th B side on it. And well, I'm still surprised because Radial is back...

I think my favourite of this month is CLR 48 from Tommy Four Seven... oh my god what a nice release! Terence Fixmer's interpretation of Sevals is one of the best tracks of this year for me. I'm pretty sure I'll mix it up with some SA's several times... I can even mentally imagine some of those mixes without having it yet... Both original tracks from Tommy are great. Deepness and darkness are words that are used pretty easily these days (so do I) but please, listen to those tracks and later tell me wich are the words that come to your head... Again, amazing release. AMAZING, with capital letters... keep them coming Tommy!

Who's Tobias? I really didn't know until I saw his LP on O-Ton and well, that was my fault. He's got a very personal sound that I'm really enjoying... this is a quite eclectic release but I think there's a continuous mood on it that, I dare to say, reflects a very original style that mixes calmed down structures but still tense sounds that I think fix perfect... One of those LP that you could listen to track by track, not necessarily on a DJ set.

From Italy, it comes Zooloft, a label to follow. I'm really impressed with the good stuff coming out from lately from "the boot". It looks like there's a lot of inspiration there and this is a great proof of it.

Cio D'Or has  published on Prologue a record that I think is her master piece. Please, have a listen to it. Every track on this release has been carefully drafted to bring you down to hell and feel comfortable on the trip... A must have, believe me.

More clubby but following this feeling too, comes the 4th Darknet release. I would like to remark Logotech's B side. I'm becoming a big fan of this guy.

Aftertaste... I think it needs might not be a easy listening release but I have a special love for this label. I celebrate it's still active. Maybe too different compared to the other releases I've just comented but if you listen to my sets, you'll see I always use to mark a turning point in them and this is one of the releases I'd use for that. And well, the last two years my style has been changing a bit but this is the kind of stuff I used to play when I started to mix other people's tracks in order to tell un-fairy tales...

Check my September chart here.

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