Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tripeo: Ugani / Opuvar

It may happen that if we mention the name of Tripeo most of us would not connect the name with the techno scene. But I'm sure that if we say the person behind this moniker is Darko Esser then, the situation would be different.

If you have read some of my previous blog entries I'm sure you have already noticed that I tend to post information about art forms that (for whatever the reason is) don't seem to get the attention of the public but that I think they should do. I mean, I could be posting about lots of releases that will see the dark in the next few days, I also love and play most of them, but all the blogs an webs are already talking about those releases.

That's why I dedicate this blog entry to Tripeo/Darko's last release on Deep Sound Channel, a label that already caught my attention with their first release by ARC# and that I believe as some great things coming over.

I've specially liked Opuvar's construction. Very well worked beats, filtered atmosphere and dense synths.

Press release:

" Following up ARC#'s excellent album is a new series of 12"s from Deep Sound Channel. DSC proudly introduces the pioneering Darko Esser, under his Tripeo moniker to set these series in motion.

Tripeo gouges out chasms of bass for "Ugani". Industrial murmurs are supplanted by earthy rhythm patterns. The ever pervasive clank of the machine is never far away, coils and circuitboards creeping over organic growth to choke and overcome. Insular dub spirals into "Opuvar". Oscillators bend and bulge, waiting for Tripeo to inject ever more voltage. But the temperature is tapered, hi-hats bolstering intensity for a work of cerebral and contained Techno.
Fit for the armchair and subterranean dancefloor, dark and deep from the hands of Tripeo. Comes in special designed artwork, vinyl only. "


 RELEASE DATE: 2013-11-12 

Saturday, May 11, 2013


George Issakidis' new album will see the light next Monday (May 13th).

I ignore the reasons why but I feel like he's one of those artists that didn't get all the attention his music could deserve. He's got not many releases out there but all of them are quality. I still use to fill those special moments on my sets with both of the collabs he made with Speedy J on Novamute. There's also a special track (vinyl exclusive) featuring Speedy J in this album.

Perc and Mickey Moonlight have also collaborated in this release. I've got to say Perc's track is one of the best pieces I've recently discovered.

For those who don't know Issakidis' music, I'd recommend not to expect anything. No styles, no moods... just music, so just listen to it and understand that we're not talking about an average artist but about an artist with a special musical approach.

Press release:
" George Issakidis, true hero of the first „pre-daft punk“ french touch wave with the project THE MICRONAUTS and their hit „the jag“, finally returns after years of semi-silence. His first solo album KAREZZA is highly awaited amongst the early listeners of electro and is to be released in May 2013.Between psychedelia and highly subversive electronic experiments, George Issakidis offers an ambitious LP with great featurings such as Mickey Moonlight (Ed Banger rcds) Perc and a veteran from the techno scene : Speedy J.The album‘s artwork is by the famous Parisian duo M/M, who were recently awarded by a Grammy for their collaboration on the cover of Bjork‘s latest release.CHERRY RED is the first single from the album released digitally on the 4th of March.It‘s the most clubby and discoïd track taken from the LP, and has been remixed by IT‘S A FINE LINE (Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris). "
More info:

Format. CD – Digital – Vinyl double pack deluxe edition [ cat n°KTDJ027]
Cat.Number. KTDJCD011
Release Date. May 13th, 2013
Distribution. Physical : KOMPAKT worldwide / DIFFER-ANT for France
Digital : Believe []

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Emika: DVA

Ninja Tune announced this week Emika's new album [ZEN199]. June 10th 2013 is the date and the formats will be LP, CD and digital.

The 16 track album can already be previewed on the label's site, and I'm sure fans will be delighted and impatient after visiting it. It appears to me as a more serious and mature sound and, by injecting her usual high bass dose (which never ends on an overdose) Emika shows us again her total control on sounds, mixing at her will synthetic and organic resources to captive listeners on every track.

There's also a free track available to download on the album micro-site (after a quick sign-up)...

One on the top of my to-attend-before-is-too-late shows list!!!

" Emika's forthcoming sophomore album, Dva, is a return to the music of her roots, a triumph of keenly felt and brilliantly expressed reflections of oppression and freedom, be it political, sexual or artistic. Dva is an exploration of self-expression and sound, taking dark dub pop, sound design inspirations and melding them with classical music of her upbringing, taking Emika's production a giant step forward. "

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Label. Broque
Artists. The Hermit
Title. Liber 1 – Metempsychosis
Format. Digital
Cat.Number. broque 088
Release Date. February 1st, 2013
Distributor. Beatport

It's been a very long time since I listened to such an original music. It reminds me the kind of sounds that hooked me to electronics for life. Some kind of evolution of that music we didn't know how to name two decades ago and nobody dares to classify into a single style nowadays...

I could not find many information about The Hermit, but it's obvious there's a deep work and a very special musician under this name. This release will see the light on February on Broque and this is the presentation letter I've received (thanks to Dina, Philipp and their team):

" The Hermit is Broque’s latest discovery, and is immersed in a fairly mystical aura, what extends as well to his new EP „Liber 1 – Metempsychosis“. As his music suggests, he is far from being a no-name and can look back already to a long and productive history in the Munich techno scene of the 90s. But for now, his past shall remain as mysterious as his music. After an extensive creative break throughout the past years, his recent EP marks not only a fresh start but also a complete turning point where everything that matters lies in the future, not in the past. “Liber 1” is filled with symbolism and transcendental references, most notably to occultism, kabbalah occultism and one of its most prominent masters, Aleister Crowley. At the same time it opens up a whole new musical microcosm formed out of dub, glitches, electronica and polyrhythmic hip hop. What sounds like an adventurous and mind-blowing combination of Adrian Sherwood, Autechre und King Tubby in fact surprises the listener with every single track. Still, the EP features a charming pop appeal, not least induced by a range of vocalists who bring in some indigenous grounding again. Each and every track tells its very own unfathomable yet engaging story and keeps revealing entirely new facets and storylines continuously. Luckily these stories did not come to an ending yet and we already are looking forward very much to their continuation as part of the upcoming “Liber 2 EP”. "

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jeremy Saunders: Lynched

It appears to me a very special energy combination when a special artist tries to make a tribute to a very special artist. It's important for me to see how the artist gets the tributed artist's essence and how that's reflected and offered to the rest of the mortals.

In this case, Jeremy Saunders, has made an amazing capture in my opinion. He's released a book with designs inspired by the full-length works of David Lynch, including two additional designs created especially for this pack: Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Industrial Symphony #1, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Lost Highway, The Straight Story, Mulholland Dr., and Inland Empire.

This edition is limited to only 100 copies worldwide and each is numbered and signed by the artist.

Great piece for collectionists.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

BMB are back: Where Pail Limbs Lie

We all were waiting for this news from the first moment we heard this two techno legends decided to close their common project back in 2006, initially, in a deffinitive way. It was at the end of summer, when even the most stubborn had started to admit we could not see another release signed by BMB, that they announced they were working in some new stuff. Great news!

BMB's new single is titled "Where Pail Limbs Lie" and has been released by Mute's sub-label, Liberation Technologies. This two track EP proofs this duo maintain their own essence when working together. I love to see BMB's sound is back for all the techno heads, and I feel this is like some important part of techno history.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

ADAM X: Navigational Shortcut

One of my favourite labels has released this month a two tracker EP produced by its owner, Adam X. Two weeks ago, the digital version saw hte light while the 12" is coming out next week. I think this is the label's fifth release this year.

A year where classic sounds are becoming futuristic and this is a good proof of it. Both, Sonic Groove and Adam X are an important part of techno history from the very early 90's until today, that's a matter of fact.

This two tracks are a very good representation of Sonic Groove's main style during the last years. Both are pure techno stuff, where the beats and rythmic elements are enough to put an enormous amount of pressure that could blow anyone's mind out in the dancefloor.